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Xperience Centre




Metro cities

Project type



Concept Architect

The Big Idea

The power of bold Basic Geometry

Project Brief

The concept design of the experience centre for a jewellery brand that offers customers the ability to virtually try on thousands of designs in a single swipe.

The layout was a simple circle within a square. As human beings, we are always drawn towards basic shapes such as circles and squares and they have a certain appeal that goes beyond their simplicity.

The bold circle is the customer seating area, with screens all around them, creating an immersive experience that allows customers to see how different pieces of jewellery look on them in real-time. The corners of the square offers services that are strategically placed to optimize the customer experience. These corners were used as admin area, trial rooms, and pantry.

The circular layout within a square is not only visually stunning but also practical. It enables the space to be used efficiently, maximizing the number of customers that can be served at any given time. The screens that surround the customer seating area can be operated from a central control panel, allowing staff to easily manage and monitor the experience centre.

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