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A Man's Cave





Project Type




The Big Idea

Rustic vintage as the vibe to portray a CEO's casual lounge

Project Brief

While designing a CEO's casual lounge, the rustic vintage vibe came as an excellent choice to create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable space. This style combines the natural and raw elements of rustic design with the charm and character of vintage decor.

The space had a lounge with relaxed seating and a conference room. We incorporated earthy colors and rich textures like distressed leather, reclaimed wood, brick and concrete which added the depth while also showcasing the natural beauty of these materials.

In the lounge, we opted for comfortable and cozy pieces such as leather couches and oversized armchairs. These pieces were accented with vintage-style throw pillows and animal print rugs to add a touch of comfort and nostalgia to the space.

The conference room on the contrary housed formal seating with a huge metal studded table with a meshed ceiling and linear lighting.

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