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Take Off




Velachery, Chennai

Project type




The Big Idea

Depicting an aircraft for a branding company named TakeOff

Project Brief

With a one week timeline of Design to Build, the design for the TakeOff branding company revolves around the concept of an aircraft, reflecting the company's focus on helping their clients take off and soar to great heights. Despite the size limitation of the 200sqft office space, we aimed to create an impactful visual identity for the brand that would leave a lasting impression on visitors.

We inclined the walls of the office space to create the shape of an aircraft. We also used custom-fitted desk with inbuilt lighting that were integrated and streamlined, further emphasizing the sleek and streamlined design aesthetic of the aircraft. This also created a sense of a unified workspace, encouraging collaboration between team members.

The TakeOff branding company's customer lounge was designed as a small area in the end, with comfortable seating and a glass wall reflecting the entire cabin. The lounge offered a relaxing atmosphere and featured the aircraft's aesthetics, thus making it a conversation starter among clients.

Overall, the TakeOff branding company's design was a testament to creativity, innovation, and attention to detail, no matter how limited the space provided.

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