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5 Stores in Chennai

Project type




The Big Idea

Use of a natural material palette to form the backdrop of the F&V stores

Project Brief

With store sizes ranging from 1000-3000 sqft, we designed backdrop to compliment the fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Focused on the modular display systems for each and every type of food, having a good visibility and easy access.

The color scheme is earthy and warm, with plenty of natural wood and greenery to add to the organic feel of the space. The store is designed to be inviting and easy to navigate, with clear signage and a logical flow from one section to the next.

We have also incorporated a variety of lighting techniques to showcase the products in the best possible way. Pendant and track lighting are used to highlight specific areas of the store, while concealed LED strips are used to create a soft, ambient glow.

The overall effect is a space that feels fresh, modern, and inviting, with a focus on the beauty and variety of fresh produce. Whether customers are looking for staples like apples and bananas, or rare and exotic fruits and vegetables, the backdrop store has something for everyone.

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