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Residence @TNagar




TNagar, Chennai

Project type



Architecture & Interiors

The Big Idea

Adopting details with scale to depict luxury.

Project Brief

When it comes to luxury, details matter the most. And for this particular client, scale was the ultimate embodiment of luxury. A 13,000 square foot house in the heart of the city was just the right fit for their needs. As someone from a political background, the client was keen on having separate spaces for conducting official meetings and for their residence.

The first two floors of the house were designed to cater to the client's professional persona. A reception area, smaller meeting hall, and a larger double-height hall were all included in the design. The larger hall was strategically placed so it could also be viewed from the dining area. This would enable the client to entertain guests in a grand setting, while still maintaining the privacy of their home.

The top two floors of the house were reserved for the client's private rooms. These floors were designed with the client's comfort and privacy in mind. The rooms were spacious and luxurious, complete with all the amenities that one would expect from a high-end residence.

Overall, the design of this house was a perfect reflection of the client's needs and desires. The attention to detail and the scale of the house made it a true masterpiece of luxury.

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