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Two at a Time - Office




Sterling Road, Nungambakkam

Project type

Commercial - Office space



The Big Idea

Mix and match contemporary style to cater to the youthful vibe

Project Brief

The space consists of two different offices of an young Entrepreneur. We opted for an open plan with two wings divided by a central walkway spanned with dynamically moving partitions. The partitions also acts as a interactive boards for the teams. The work areas houses formal and informal seating areas, a private telephone booth and pantry.

The feel of the space is fresh, vibrant and modern with a touch of quirkiness. It caters to the young and dynamic personality of the occupants, while also serving as a professional work environment. The unique combo of colourful patterned tiles of bright hues of blue and raw OSB wooden boards adds to the liveliness of the space. The walls are adorned with artistic graffiti, inspiring quotes and abstract art pieces.

The CEO's cabin has a backdrop of the city with skylights. The cabin also has multiple seating options to entertain guests and a small cot on top, for relaxation.

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